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Stepper Driver

Stepper drives are responsible for the operation of the step motor, to control both speed and positioning of the motor. Drives can divide the step angle of the motor from 1/2 to 1/256 steps within one full step of the motor.  Stepper drives can be either unipolar or bipolar. Motor current varies depending on the application, from 0.1 to 20 Amps, different from one type to the other.

Stepper drives normally controlled by pulses and direction signals.

Some stepper drives include internal oscillator to allow motor control using either analog command or just a potentiometer.

Some drives includes motor feedback input ( like encoder , resolver etc. ) to allow full close lop of the motion command, assuring accurate positioning of the required task.

Abiry Technologies supplies stepper motor drives from the best vendors in the market

  • Sanyo Denki Stepper drives

    Sanyo Denki Offers 2 phase stepper motor drives in high range of sizes with DC input voltage and high range of step motor resolution .
  • דרייבר למנוע צעד - Parker

    Parker is a leading motion control manufacture specialized in developing new technologies for motion control systems.

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