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Motion controllers are the heart of a servo system. They control the position, speed and torque of a servo or stepping motors. The motion controller communicates with the computer / PLC/ HMI and also with other controllers or "slaves" that are in the system. The motion controller also handles the machine I/O that allows operation of the machine/ application based on the motion program written inside or based on commands coming from the computer. Motion controller's common communication languages are Ethernet, Modebus, Profibus, EtherCat, Rs485, RS232 and CANopen. Motion controllers normally can control 1-64 axes. Internal program can be written in different common languages like G-Code, PLCopen, or supplier languages like ACSPL+, TMCL, Etc.
The Motion Controllers Abiry Technologies offers, comes in different formats depending on the customer needs: PC-Based, Control module only, or fully standalone unit that includes the I/O handling hardware. You will also find motion Controllers that has integrated motion drive, see in our Control modules section.
The use of a HMI allows to communicate with the operator in known and easy screen. The parameters from the HMI are being transmitted to the controller to properly operate the application. Abiry Technologies offers a wide range of motion controllers from the leading companies in the world.
  • Integrated vision test motion system

    Integrated vision test motion system

    XY motion system & a rotary table.

  • Combined motion control system

    Combined motion control system

    Motion system application that is able to move items up to 100 Kg.

  • Linear motors reduce the use of antibiotics in fish farms

    Linear motors reduce the use of antibiotics in fish farms

    Skala Maskon has developed the VX-8 machine, which can automatically vaccinate up to 20,000 fish per hour. It thus has the potential to significantly reduce the use of medications in aquaculture and to secure a supply of healthy fish for the world's population. This revolution in fish farming is made possible by the use of a high-performance image processing system in conjunction with dynamic, compact stainless steel linear motors rated at IP69K from LinMot.

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