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Stepper Motor

Step Motor is a common, simple and low cost solution for positioning solution in Motion Control System.
The Step Motor rotates in a permanent angle with Priecise Motion. The Step Motor advantages are high torque at relatively low speed, precision in operation, fast response time, reliability and long-term life time.

The Use of Step Motor

In today's technologies many companies offer smart use of Stepping Motors.
Among them: Micro-Stepping, current control similar to Servo Motor, stall motion detection, adding feedback devices, enhanced speed control, enhanced smopth operation.

Abiry Technologies offers variety of Step Motors with a wide range of Step Motor Drives and controls and that allows the customer to find his optimal solution for his Motion Control Application.

  • מנועי צעד - Sanyo Denki

    Sanyo Denki offers a complete range of stepping systems with 2PH, 3PH and 5PH stepping drivers and motors, and specific technologies such as PB closed loop models with EtherCAT interface and a complete lineup of stepping motors with encoders. 14mm square size up to 106mm round stepping motors are available.
  • מנועי צעד - Fulling Motor

    Fulling Motor are a professional motor manufacturer in Changzhou city, China. Production capacity exceeds more than 2 millions motors per year. Our Company offers five major series of products: Hybrid stepper motors, miniature, and high torque version.
  • מנועי צעד - R.T.A

    The R.T.A. Group is a leading network of companies in the motion control industry
    R.T.A. has been producing stepper motor drives since 1976: since then more than 750.000 stepper motor drives have been sold in Italy and in more than 39 countries worldwide.
  • מנועי צעד - Oriental Motor

    Oriental Motor began with handmade motors in 1885 and they aim to carry on working on all kinds of "Motion" in the world, such as AC Motors, Speed Control, Position Control, Mechanical Motion and Thermal Management requirements
  • מנועי צעד - Schneider Electric

    Schnieder Electric is an industry leader in integrated motor and drive solutions with a solid commitment to excellence in Motion. The company's leading products line is Lexuim MDrive that offers smart integrated motors in verity of sizes and outputs.
  • מנועי צעד Parker

    Parker is a leading motion control manufacture specialized in developing new technologies for motion control systems
  • מנועי צעד ElectroCraft

    ElectroCraft specializes in dependable motors and motion products. Offers custom manufacture to verity of products such as: AC motors, DC motors, brushless motors, servo& step motors and linear actuators.
  • מנועי צעד AMATEK

    AMETEK is a leading manufacturer of advanced monitoring, testing, calibrating, and display instruments in motion control.
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