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Servo Motor

Servo Motors are used to control torque, speed and position of the load in applications that requires high dynamic performances.
Servo Motors has the abiluty to work in both close and open loop. The motors advantages are in and its size compared wuth traditional AC Motors.

  • מנועי סרוו - ElectroCraft

    ElectroCraft specializes in dependable motors and motion products. Offers custom manufacture to verity of products such as: AC motors, DC motors, brushless motors, servo& step motors and linear actuators.
  • מנועי סרוו - MAVILOR

    Mavilor specialized in manufacturing AC Servo Motors & DC Servo Motors.
  • מנועי סרוו - Parker

    Parker is a leading motion control manufacture specialized in developing new technologies for motion control systems.
  • מנועי סרוו Parker Europe

    Parker Europe specialized in manufacture of servo motors in verity of size and outputs.

How Many Types of Servo Motor are there?

There are many types and forma of Servo Motors, mainly dur to its applications. Servo Motors has permanent magnets and windings for different operation level and voltage.

The Servo Motors are also offered as "stand alone" - combined solution that includes the Servo Driver feedback and energy usage. There are also Servo Motors to be used in harsh environment like high temperature, humidity, altitiude, salt very low temperature.

Abiry Technologies offers Servo Motor made by the leading manufacturers in the world and offers Servo Motion solutions for customers applications needs.

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